Ongoing Research

Weeks 1-5


Isabell Cowan

Barry Krzywicki

Barry Krzywicki working

Six shots & tray

  • These cups are thrown and then carved.


3 Jars & Celadon tray

  • Jars thrown, tray constructed with slab.

  • Fired to cone 11 in woodfire then in gas reduction.


Stephanie Osser

Stephanie Osser working

Ballet Dancer Duo

  • Silkscreens on slip casted porcelain.

  • Fired in electric to cone 6.

Turtle Lithophane for Children

Yabe Archer Potter

This porcelian lantern was crafted in honor of Makoto Yabe – a ceramics teacher in Osser's studio – after he passed away in May 2005.[2]

Nesting Sheep Pitcher Pals

  • Fired twice., first time with clear glaze. then again with decal transfer.

Stephen Mickey

Stephen Mickey working
hybrid tea bowl

Nusake Set

  • This porcelain sake set was woodfired to cone 012.

hybrid tea bowl/mirror image

Bachelor Casserole

  • This casserole dish was fired in a Soulgama wood-fired kiln in 2006.

  • It's unglazed surface is the result of the apple and cherry wood used to fire the kiln.

Kim Seong Tae

Kim Seong Tae working
carved case

Kim Seong Tea creates intricate colorful pieces by cutting and carving greenware with multiple layers of colored slip.

celadon vase

The American Museum of Ceramic Art featured Kim Seong Tae along with other Korean ceramicists in December 2013.